Corporate Travel Insurance

Covers travel on authorised University business within Australia and overseas.

Who is covered?

  • Staff, University Council members, honorary appointees
  • Students travelling for practicum, internships or similarly approved activities
  • Students travelling for short term, faculty lead study abroad programs/tours (maximum 30 days)
  • Volunteers 

Who is not covered?

  • Students travelling overseas on long exchange programs are not covered and will need to arrange their own insurance
  • International students studying in Australia must arrange their own health cover and relevant insurance for the duration of their studies

Please refer to Insurance Certificates and Guides for the following:

  • Southern Cross University Corporate Travel Insurance Guide
    information about what is covered/excluded, how to make a claim etc
  • Staff – Schedule of Benefits
  • Student – Schedule of Benefits
  • Student Study Abroad – Schedule of Benefits
  • Covid-19 Travel Information

Consideration should also be given to appropriate measures to manage risk associated with University activities.


No – University Corporate Travel Cover is free and automatic for authorised University travellers on authorised University business.

It is the responsibility of the Traveller to determine if the level of cover provided is appropriate for their needs.  Travellers are advised to review the Travel Policy and Procedures, and download the Corporate Travel Insurance Guide in Insurance Guides and Reference Materials as per the link above for more details.

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