Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate travel insurance applies while an insured person is on authorised University business travel.

As per the Travel and Entertainment Policy travellers are required to complete a Travel Request (TR) in Concur.

Travellers with more than 10 days personal travel planned as part of their trip should email or telephone (02) 6626 9497 to discuss the provision of insurance for the personal component of the travel.

International SOS

SCU has partnered with an external company, International SOS, to provide support to SCU staff and students travelling internationally on University business.

International SOS have a global network of medical and security specialists. No matter how small a concern may be, when in doubt SCU travellers should contact International SOS for support.

Before travelling overseas travellers are advised to:

  • Sign up for International SOS email alerts for each country/ city you will travel to or through
  • Review the relevant International SOS country guides
  • Consider contacting the International SOS assistance centre (available 24/7) to get a travel brief over the phone
  • If travelling with a smart phone, download and activate the International SOS app - allowing access to medical and security alerts during travel

Travellers should be aware of the approval authorities for travel to countries with an Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade level 3 or 4 warning. Note also that these warning levels may have insurance implications.

During overseas travel travellers can contact International SOS for assistance if they:

  • Are feeling unwell
  • Need a referral to a doctor or dentist
  • Hear of a travel disruption, adverse weather or natural disaster affecting their itinerary
  • Feel unsafe, hear of riots or protests outside their hotel or place of business
  • Require a language translator (e.g. in a taxi)
  • Need prescription medication
  • Have lost or had stolen their wallet/ passport/ identification documents
  • Are the victim of theft or assault
  • Are in an any emergency medical or security situation

Corporate travel insurance exclusions

A number of exclusions apply to the Corporate travel insurance including:

  1. Travelling in any unlicensed aircraft
  2. Expenses incurred when a traveller has travelled against the advice of a physician or when a traveller is unfit on medical advice to undertake a journey
  3. Cancellation, curtailment or diversion of scheduled public transport services, if there had been warning before the date the journey was booked that such events were likely to occur

The insured person must be under eighty-five (85) years of age. There are limits on benefits payable for claims for temporary or permanent disablement for persons aged between sixty-five (65) and seventy-five (75). The death cover for persons under eighteen (18) is limited to 10% of the sum insured or $25,000 whichever is less.

Note. All insurance policies contain terms, conditions and exclusions. The success of an insurance claim depends on the individual circumstances of each case. For a comprehensive list of exclusions please email or telephone (02) 6626 9497.

Pre-existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition a medical certificate granting clearance to travel is required. Please also complete the Travel Insurance Application Form File Type - PDF and email to with a medical certificate granting clearance for travel, at least two weeks prior to travel.

Duration of Journey

Business trips in excess of 180 days must be advised to the insurer. An additional premium may apply. Please complete the Travel Insurance Application Form File Type - PDF and forward to at least two weeks prior to travel.

Non-Scheduled Air Flights

Travel on any non-scheduled flight (e.g. single/twin engine aircraft, helicopters, private charter flights) must be notified to in advance to ensure coverage.

Hiring a motor vehicle overseas

If hiring a motor vehicle while overseas, you must take out the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance offered by the hire company as this is not covered under the Corporate Travel insurance.

Claims Procedure

Please contact for a claim form. All claims must be lodged and processed through the Insurance and Risk Management office.

Medical Claims

All medical emergencies should be reported to International SOS as soon as possible to ensure that travellers receive the best medical attention possible.

Should medical evacuation be required, you must contact International SOS prior to evacuation. Failure to do so may result in expenses relating to the evacuation not being paid.

General Claims

For Baggage, other claims it is important to report the incident to the relevant authority (e.g. police, airline, etc.) and obtain written verification from that authority as soon as possible.

Should theft occur from luggage contained within baggage holds, a claim must initially be lodged with the airline or carrier. A copy of their response should accompany the claim documentation at the time of lodgement.

Upon returning to Australia you will be required to complete a claim form attaching all relevant statements. To ensure that a claim is processed quickly, please ensure you submit all supporting documentation (statements, receipts, valuations, accounts, etc.) with a fully completed claim form. An incomplete claim form could lead to delays in settlement.


An excess of $50 applies for medical claims and $100 for all other claims.


For further information or to obtain a copy of the Corporate Travel Insurance policy wording please email or telephone (02) 6626 9497.