Insurance Certificates and Guides

All Insurance Certificates and Guides are general reference tools and specific enquiries should be directed to insurance@scu.edu.au


This list provides general information. All University insurances are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions.

Specific queries should be directed to the University Insurance and Risk Team.

Advice from the University Legal Team may also be required.

  •  Where do I send my completed claim form?

A.  All Claim forms and supporting information should be forwarded to insurance@scu.edu.au who will liaise directly with the insurer and, where relevant, advise you of the outcome of your claim.


  • I’m a Student and injured myself at a recent University sporting event. I’m waiting to see my doctor but I’m not sure what to do in the meantime if I need to make a claim?

A.  All accidents and incidents must be reported via Riskware. This would generally be done by you but it can be done on your behalf by someone else e.g. your Course Supervisor.

Potential claims should be notified by emailing insurance@scu.edu.au at the earliest opportunity.

See also the Personal Accident Insurance Guide in Insurance Guides and Reference Materials above.

  • We are entering into a contract with a third party. What should we be aware of in relation to insurances and liabilities?

A.  You should contact insurance@scu.edu.au with details of the goods/transaction prior to anything being signed.

The Insurance and Risk team will review and advise regarding insurance management. It may be necessary for us to seek guidance from our Insurer to do this. The Insurance and Risk team is required to disclose to the University’s insurers such activities to ensure coverage against any potential losses.


Note - All Non-Standard Agreements and Contracts (including purchase orders) must be reviewed by a University Lawyer. Please see the Legal Office’s webpage on Review of Non Standard Agreements for more information.

  • Do I have to pay or apply for University Corporate Travel Cover?

A.  No – University Corporate Travel Cover is free and automatic for authorised University travellers on authorised University business.

Travellers are advised to review the Travel Policy and Procedures, and download the Corporate Travel Insurance Guide in Insurance Guides and Reference Materials above for more details.

See also - Travel Services

  • I’m a Staff member and I used my personal vehicle to travel on university business. The windscreen was cracked during the trip. Can I claim against the University’s insurance for the replacement?

A.  No – As per the University Travel Policy, if a personal vehicle is damaged during authorised University business any repairs must be claimed under the driver’s personal insurance.

Recovery of Personal Insurance excesses are also not covered – they remain the responsibility of the driver.

  •  I’m a Student and I’ve organised some work experience. Will I be covered under the University’s Insurance?

A.  If your work experience or work placement is a course requirement, or has been approved by the relevant Faculty Executive Dean as complimentary to your course of study you will be covered under the University’s Insurance.

See also - Careers & Employability

Note - University insurances do not protect students in respect of claims against them for damage or injury caused in relation to non-University activities, including accommodation and non-University sporting or recreational activities.


  • I’m a Student on placement and my host organisation has offered to pay me. Will I still be covered under the University’s Insurance?

A. No - If a student receives remuneration from the host organisation with which they are working, they are deemed to be an employee of the host organisation and the University's insurances no longer apply.

  • I’m a Student about to go on placement and my host organisation has asked to see proof of insurance.  Where do I find this?

A. Please send your request through to insurance@scu.edu.au and we will be happy to assist.

  • Is the use of Drones covered by the University's Insurances?

A. University Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA's piloted by SCU staff or students engaged in authorised University activities are covered under the University's Property and Public Liability Insurances subject to terms, conditions and exclusions.  The Public Liability Protection provides cover for liability for injury or property damage caused in connection with University business.

More information regarding the use of Drones can be found in the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) Policy, and any specific enquiries should be directed to insurance@scu.edu.au 


Note - consider whether a Risk Assessment should be undertaken prior to the use of University Drones.