Information for Researchers

The University has cover in place to protect Staff and Students undertaking research activities including:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Public Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Corporate Travel

In relation to the use of University assets or equipment:

  • Property Cover
  • Marine Transit Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance

For insurance queries or advice specific to your research activities please contact insurance@scu.edu.au.

The University is required to declare values for Assets and Research Projects to the insurer as part of the annual renewal process. Regular review of your research projects is encouraged.  Failure to declare such assets may result in a claim being denied in the event of a loss.

Copies of Protection Certificates are available for download from the Insurance Certificates and Guides page.

Controlled Environments

Are defined by the insurer as - 

"Any enclosed area to create a controlled environment for Research, including a combination of controls to manage temperature, air pressure, air quality, humidity, lighting, water quality etc; such as refrigerators, freezers, cool rooms, dewars, fish tanks, greenhouses, herbaria and sterilised housing."

The amount claimable in the event of a loss of Controlled Environment (CE) contents (ie research materials) depends on whether or not the CE is mitigated.

A CE is considered to be mitigated if it has a:
  1. Back to Base Alarm monitored 24 hours a day. The alarm must be capable of detecting a change in the environment and serviced to manufacturer specifications.
  2. Back-up Power capable of providing power in the event of a loss of regular power. Back-up power must be serviced in accordance with manufacturer specifications.
  3. Controlling Mechanism, for example, a minus 80-degree freezer, serviced to manufacturer specifications.
  4. Documented and tested Response Plan for management of research contents in the event of a failure.
  5. Valuation Assessment in accordance with Unimutual Research Valuation Guidelines or a similar, approved methodology. 
  6. Variation of the above that has been assessed and approved by the insurer.

Faculties and researchers are responsible for maintaining a record of the contents contained in University CE’s. Regular review of your research projects is encouraged.  Failure to declare such assets may result in a claim being denied in the event of a loss.

Please refer to Insurance Certificates and Guides for the following:

  • Unimutual Guideline for the Valuation of Controlled Environment Contents
  • Controlled Environment Maintenance Guideline and Matrix
  • Controlled Environment Contents Calculator 

For further advice relating to CE cover and claims contact insurance@scu.edu.au.

All University Protections are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions.




You should contact insurance@scu.edu.au with details of the goods/transaction prior to anything being signed.

The Insurance and Risk team will review and advise regarding insurance management. It may be necessary for us to seek guidance from our Insurer to do this. The Insurance and Risk team is required to disclose to the University’s insurers such activities to ensure coverage against any potential losses.


Note - All Non-Standard Agreements and Contracts (including purchase orders) must be reviewed by a University Lawyer. Please see the Legal Office’s webpage on Review of Non Standard Agreements for more information.

University Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA's piloted by SCU staff or students engaged in authorised University activities are covered under the University's Property and Public Liability Insurances subject to terms, conditions and exclusions.  The Public Liability Protection provides cover for liability for injury or property damage caused in connection with University business.

More information regarding the use of Drones can be found in the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) Policy, and any specific enquiries should be directed to insurance@scu.edu.au 

Note - consider whether a Risk Assessment should be undertaken prior to the use of University Drones.