Public Liability, Professional Liability and Malpractice

Public Liability

Covers liability for personal injury, property damage, or advertising injury caused by an event in connection with University business.

Professional Liability

Covers liability in connection with the University’s professional services (e.g. analytical, and consulting services).


Covers liability for claims arising out of any negligence in the provision of health care.

Who is covered?

  • Staff - while undertaking activities as an employee of the University
  • University Council Members - while undertaking activities as a Council Member of the University
  • Students of the University - while undertaking University-approved activities (including research, practical placement etc)
  • Adjuncts and other honorary appointees - while undertaking activities as an honorary appointee of the University
  • Volunteers - while undertaking authorised activities of the University

For more information:

Current certificates of cover are available on the Insurance Certificates and Guides page.

Any incident which may give rise to a claim should be notified to insurance@scu.edu.au and a Riskware report submitted.

Consideration should also be given to appropriate measures to manage risk associated with University activities.


If your work experience or work placement is a course requirement, or has been approved by the relevant Faculty Executive Dean as complimentary to your course of study you will be covered under the University’s Insurance.

See also - Careers & Employability

Note - University insurances do not protect students in respect of claims against them for damage or injury caused in relation to non-University activities, including accommodation and non-University sporting or recreational activities.

No - If a student receives remuneration from the host organisation with which they are working, they are deemed to be an employee of the host organisation and the University's insurances no longer apply.