Personal Accident Insurance

The University has Personal Accident Insurance which covers students whilst on campus and/or engaged in University/course/sport related activities and/or practical placement or community placement activities. The cover includes any necessary direct travel to and from such activities.

Download a copy of this protection: Personal Accident Protection.

Cover applies to persons aged between 15 years and 85 years of age at the date of the claim.

What is insured?

Cover includes:

  • Benefit amounts for accidental death or disablement
  • Weekly Injury Benefits for income earners temporarily unable to return to work or able to return to work only in a reduced capacity due to Accidental Bodily Injury
  • Non-Medicare Medical Expenses

Note: Non-Medicare Medical Expenses are those expenses for no full or part Medicare benefit/rebate is payable. The balance of monies payable after any Medicare benefit or rebate, i.e. the Medicare 'gap', is not and cannot be, by law, covered. For medical expenses for which the patient is eligible for a full or partial Medicare rebate (e.g. doctor or hospital outpatient visits) payment is the responsibility of the patient and a claim must then be made direct with Medicare. Such expenses are not claimable under this policy.


General exclusions include:

  • Flying in an aircraft other than as a passenger in any aircraft licensed to carry passengers
  • Training for or participating in professional sport of any kind
  • Any pre-existing condition
  • Claims for temporary disablement which is in any way attributable to childbirth or pregnancy with the exception of any unexpected and unforeseen medical complications or emergencies

Cover may be limited by other, terms, conditions and exclusions.

Policy Excess

The policy excess is $50 i.e. the claimant pays the first $50 of the claim.

Notice of Claim

Claims should be notified to the insurer in writing within 30 days of the occurrence or loss. If you wish to make a claim please email insurance@scu.edu.au for a claim form.


For further information or to obtain a copy of the policy wording please email insurance@scu.edu.au or telephone (02) 6620 3320.