Property, Boats, Transit, Clinical Trials, Worker's Compensation

Covers loss of University buildings, contents and infrastructure, including leased assets, and research specimens. Where relevant it may also include cover for consequential loss (e.g. loss of revenue, or increased cost of working).

Includes loss or damage from:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Burglary or theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss of property in transit. See also Property in Transit below.

Appropriate risk management strategies should be implemented to minimise the risk of any damage to University property.

Any property loss or damage should be notified to [email protected]

The excess on any claim will generally be payable by the relevant work unit.

See also Information for Researchers, Controlled Environments

Also known as Marine Hull Insurance

Cover for loss or damage to University boats. The policy covers legal liability of anyone operating a University boat with the University’s consent, for accidental death or injury (excluding the person operating the boat and the crew) and property damage, caused by the use of the boat.

Includes cover for:

  • Motors
  • Trailers
  • Any relevant equipment declared to the insurer

General conditions include:

  • The boat must be in good order and repair and appropriately registered
  • The operator must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

An excess applies to all claims and is payable by the relevant work unit.

Also known as Marine Transit Insurance

Covers loss or damage to University property in transit (within Australia, and between Australia and another country).

Marine Transit includes cover for transport by road, rail, air, sea and post.

Contact the Insurance Office if the value of items being transported in one shipment exceeds $600,000.

General Exclusions:

  • Transport of dangerous/hazardous goods
  • Items transported as accompanied baggage
  • Loss resulting from insufficiency or deficiency of packing

All reasonable care must be taken to avoid or minimise any loss or damage. Ensure all items are packed to withstand the normal rigours of transport handling to prevent loss or damage.

See also Property Protection.

Contact [email protected] for further information, or to report any incident which may give rise to a Claim


Clinical Trials Protection covers liability for bodily injury to any research subject in connection with any clinical trial undertaken by the University after 21 May 1997.

Clinical trials must be approved by the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee.

What is generally not covered?

  • Liability arising out of claims in the USA or Canada
  • Trials involving pregnant or breastfeeding women, and infants, unless declared to and agreed by the insurer prior to the trial

Contact [email protected] for further information or to report any incident which may give rise to a Claim.

Workers Compensation cover is administered by the Workplace Health and Safety team in HR Services.

Copies of the NSW and Qld Worker's Compensation Certificates can be found on the Insurance Certificates and Guides page.   

For copies of Worker's Compensation Certificates applicable to other Australian States and Territories, and all other queries relating to Workers Compensation matters please contact:

e: [email protected]