Class registration via My Enrolment (on-campus activities only)

Download PDF guide on How to Register Into Classes

View your timetable

  • Go to the online timetables search
  • Search for your enrolled units (one at a time)
  • Write or print the classes planned for each unit

You must attend one class for each activity planned for each of your units e.g. if the planned classes are Workshop 1, Workshop 2 and Workshop 3 you only need to register for one of these options.

Class registration opening times

Opening times on the dates listed below are 9:00am AEDT (NSW) and and 8.00am AEST (QLD) when daylight savings time is in effect. Otherwise opening time is 9:00 AEST (NSW and QLD).

Term 3, Term 4, Term 5, Session 2 and Session 3, 2022

School/CollegeOpening Date
Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples Monday 20 June 2022
Faculty of Education Tuesday 21 June 2022
Faculty of Science and Engineering Tuesday 21 June 2022
Faculty of Business, Law and Arts Wednesday 22 June 2022
SCU College Wednesday 22 June 2022
Faculty of Health Monday 20 June 2022
Thursday 23 June 2022

Register in classes

An email will be sent to your SCU email account prior to the commencement of the teaching period advising dates for Class Registration.

  • In My Enrolment click on Classes
  • You will see your units with the available activities
  • Refer to the study requirements listed next to each activity. This will indicate if you are required to register

Screenshot of enrolling in units via My Enrolment

  • Click on the relevant button to the right of each unit to Register or Change the available activities
  • You can confirm your class registration is complete by using the traffic light system that is displayed next to each unit

Green Light: If you have successfully registered for all your available activities in each unit, this will be indicated by a green light.

Orange Light: If you have registered for some (but not all) of your available activities in each unit, this will be indicated by an orange light. You will also receive an orange light if you have Wait-listed for one or more activities.

Red Light: If you haven't registered for any activities this will be indicated by a red light.

Please note: In some instances you will not be able to register for all of your activities. This commonly occurs with courses like the Bachelor of Contemporary Music. If you are not sure you have registered correctly please contact Client Services on 1800 005 687.