Withdrawing from units/subjects via My Enrolment

If you want to withdraw from your units you should first consider the consequences.

Download a PDF guide on How to Withdraw From a Unit.

Census Date

If you withdraw from units after the census date then you will still be financially liable for the cost of your studies. This means you will still incur a debt or fee for those units even if you withdraw. You can find your unit’s Census Date in My Enrolment or see Census Date for more information.

Withdrawing from units after Census Date

If you withdraw from a unit on or before the relevant Census Date you will have your enrolment in that unit deleted from your academic record. When you withdraw from a unit after the relevant Census Date you will have a grade of Withdrawn Fail for that unit recorded on your academic record. See SCU’s policy on Withdrawing From Units.

International students should refer to International Fee and Unit Withdrawal Information.

Timing of withdrawal Impact on academic record and financial liability
Unit withdrawal on or before Census Date for the relevant teaching period If you withdraw from a unit anytime on or before the Census Date you will receive a 100% refund for the withdrawn unit and no record of the withdrawn unit will appear on your academic transcript.
Unit withdrawal after the Census Date Academic Penalty. A grade of Withdrawn Fail will be recorded on your academic transcript, which impacts on your overall GPA; a grade of '0' is recorded. You incur the full financial liability for the withdrawn unit.