Changing your enrolment via My Enrolment

It’s your responsibility to check that you’re correctly enrolled in the Units you wish to study.

Checking your enrolment

Example: You may have discussed a Unit you intend to study with an Academic or a Student Advisor in your Faculty or College, but you will still need to formally enrol in that Unit through My Enrolment.

To check that you are correctly enrolled and to print evidence of your enrolment, please log in to My Enrolment.

Changing your enrolment

You may find that you need to change your enrolment (add or withdraw from a unit) because you:

  • have changed your mind about a unit you’ve already enrolled in, OR
  • have a timetable clash between two units, OR
  • have not studied the required pre-requisite(s) for a unit you wanted to enrol in, OR
  • wanted to enrol in a unit that is not available to be studied, OR
  • have been granted advanced standing (credit) and no longer need to study a unit you have already enrolled in, OR
  • wish to change from on-campus to online (withdrawing from the unit as on-campus and enrolling into it online).

Four steps to changing your enrolment

Step 1

Check what alternative Unit(s) you could study, and if the Unit you wish to withdraw from is a pre-requisite Unit for another Unit you’ll want to study in the next teaching period. You can do this by:

  • consulting the web-link provided with your letter of offer, OR
  • checking the Course Progression, OR
  • checking your Study Plan on My Enrolment (Most courses restrict the Units that you can take as part of that course), OR
  • speaking to a Student Advisor in Client Services.

Step 2

Make any changes as soon as possible. There are cut-off dates after which certain changes cannot be made, OR may require special approval OR may have a financial implication (please note that dates may differ for international students).

Example: Units may not be added to your enrolment after Wednesday of Week 1 of each Term or Friday of Week 2 of each Session. See Late enrolment for more information. Additionally, withdrawals after the Census Date incur financial and other penalties.

To see which dates are set as deadlines for changes go to our Teaching Calendar/Key Dates and Census Dates.

When you know what unit(s) you’d like to enrol in you need to check the unit page by using the Unit Search Tool to find when it is available to study.

Step 3

The Unit Search Tool is where you check if a unit is being offered in a particular teaching period. Each unit page advises you of:

  • Which teaching period the Unit is offered in (units offered in one teaching period may not be offered in another).
  • Where/how the unit is being delivered. (Not all units can be completed by online study or are offered at all campuses).
  • If there are there any pre-requisites units you must have studied in order to gain entry to the unit you wish to study.

Go to the Unit Search Tool to find your unit and check all of the above BEFORE you attempt to withdraw from or add a unit to your current enrolment.

To Summarise: You must check the unit's availability to find out whether a unit you’re interested in studying is offered at a particular campus or is available for online study and whether that unit has any enrolment restrictions or pre-requisites which may prevent you from enrolling.

Step 4

Change your enrolment details. OK, so you’ve talked to support staff, you've checked the unit availability and you are aware of any deadlines, cut off dates and the implications of adding or withdrawing from a unit.

Now, through My Enrolment, you can add or withdraw from a Unit. Depending on the Unit and your study plan, you may get an instant enrolment confirmation OR you may be advised that your request has been sent through to Student Administration Services for consideration.

If it is a REQUEST only and NOT a confirmation, it is important that you check your SCU email AND My Enrolment every two or three days for confirmation that the request has been processed.

If there is no problem, your request will be confirmed on My Enrolment. If there is a problem, that is, if we can’t enrol you in the Unit OR we need further information to consider your suitability, we will contact you through your SCU email.