Unit Outlines

Unit Outlines are available for every unit you undertake at SCU.

When you enrol into a unit you will gain access to a Learning Site in MySCU. Inside the Learning Site, you will find the Unit Outlines. They typically contain the following information:

  • Required textbooks, if any, and list of reading extracts
  • Learning objectives
  • Assessment items and assignment due dates
  • Tutorial topics
  • Contact details for your unit assessor
  • Much, much more

Learning Sites in MySCU are usually available one week before the first day of study.

You can look up and order your textbooks from The School Locker website 2–3 weeks prior to the teaching commencing. Checking the site prior to this may provide an indication of costs and text requirements, but may not be confirmed or finalised until closer to the start of the teaching period.

When the teaching period starts you can normally find your Unit Outline in MySCU.

You can also view a brief description and topics covered of any SCU unit by visiting the Unit Search tool.