Unique Student Identifier (USI)


From 2021 onward, all students studying in Australia will be required to provide Southern Cross University with a Unique Student Identifier (USI). All commencing students will not be able to enrol into units until you have submitted your USI to Southern Cross University. Your USI is free, stays with you for life, and tracks your qualifications and study completed in Australia.

Visit the Unique Student Identifier website to get your USI. You can also find your USI from this website.

What is a USI?

The USI is a reference code consisting of letters and numbers. All students studying in Australia are required to have a USI if you are:

  • university students seeking Commonwealth financial assistance
  • undertaking Nationally Recognised Training
  • a higher education student graduating in 2023 or beyond.

Once you create your USI you will be able to:

  • give your USI to each education or training provider you study with
  • view and update your details in your USI account
  • view and download your training records and transcript
  • manage which education or training providers can view your transcript
  • manage which education or training providers can view and/or update your details in your USI account

What you need to do

If you are a commencing student in 2021, you will be asked to provide your USI as part of your Commonwealth Assistance Form, before you enrol. If you have already submitted a Commonwealth Assistance Form but have not provided your USI, please use the USI eForm via myEnrolmentYou must provide your USI prior to the census date of your enrolment.

If you are a continuing student you can provide your USI through the USI eForm via myEnrolment. You must provide your USI by the end of 2022.

Unique Student Identifier Eform

What happens if I don’t get a USI?

The Australian Government has advised that all domestic and onshore overseas students require a USI to study and graduate from an Australian University.

If you do not provide a USI, or SCU cannot verify your USI with the Australian Government, you may not be able to graduate or receive any form of Commonwealth Assistance. This means you will be charged the Fee-Paying rate, with no access to HELP loans, or you may lose your place in your course.

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