Changing your name

Change of name requests can now be submitted via an e-Form in My Enrolment. Please note that hard-copy supporting documentation must also be submitted as part of your e-Form application. These documents can be provided to your closest campus.

Southern Cross University will not return the documents you submit with your change of name request. It is therefore advised that you do not submit original documents with your request. You should only submit certified copies of documents. Southern Cross University will not process documents that are just photocopies, or documents that have not been correctly certified.

Document certification

The person who certifies your documents must be contactable by telephone during normal working hours. They must write on each copy “This is a true copy of the document sighted by me” and include their name, contact telephone number, address and profession. It must be then signed, date certified and stamped with the official stamp or seal of their organisation. The following is a list of professions who may certify your document/s.

An authorised officer in:

  • Any student administration office at any Australian university
  • The administration office at any TAFE college

Anyone who is currently employed as:

  • A Justice of the Peace (JP), registration number must be provided
  • A bank or building society manager, but not a manager of a bank travel centre
  • A police officer of a police station, of the rank of sergeant or above
  • A Principal of an Australian secondary college, high school or primary school
  • A credit union manager
  • A barrister, solicitor or patent attorney
  • A postal manager
  • A commissioner for declarations
  • A registered accountant

Evidence of name change — submit one of the following (certified or original)

Australian Citizens (domestic students)

  • Australian Passport (current)
  • Full Australian birth certificate — an extract is not acceptable
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Your registered name as recorded by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Australian State and Territory) on a Change of Name Certificate
  • Deed Poll registered with the relevant Australian authority

Non-Australian Citizens (international students)

  • Current Passport
  • Government issued national identity papers (offshore international student only)

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