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Take part in the most significant event in most people’s lives by training for a rewarding and challenging career as a midwife.

The Bachelor of Midwifery will combine your talent and dedication with the skills you need to provide holistic care for a woman and her child during pregnancy, childbirth and early infancy. This course offers a solid grounding in midwifery theory and practice, primary healthcare, women’s health and psychosocial sciences. You will be equipped to work in multi-disciplinary teams and in partnership with women to contribute to healthier outcomes for mother and baby.

Placements in this degree give you the opportunity to follow the journey of women throughout their pregnancies, to experience the full range of midwifery practice.

Graduates of this program will be able to register and practice as midwives across a range of settings, including public and private hospitals, clinics and as midwifery educators.

A midwifery student examines a pregnant patient


3.5 years minimum if commencing in Session 2 or 3.

Coffs Harbour1, 2, 3
Gold Coast1, 2, 3


Coffs Harbour1
Gold Coast1


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