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The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management provides students with an introduction to information technology management, building on the knowledge they already hold and transforming it from managerial perspective.

The Graduate Certificate acts as a pathway to either the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management or Master of Information Technology Management, allowing students to gain advanced standing for their Graduate Certificate, should they pursue further study.

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DurationLocationStudy Period

8mths P

SCU Online1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
DurationLocationStudy Period


SCU Online1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Our Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management is comprised of a wide range of units, covering all aspects of information technology and business, as well as subjects that allow you to understand the bridge between these two fields.

This enables you to develop a solid starting block of knowledge, and gives you the best chance at successfully managing a team once you graduate.

Course Learning Outcomes express learning achievement in terms of what a student should know, understand and be able to do on completion of a course. These outcomes are aligned with the graduate attributes.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

Critically evaluate, analyse and synthesise a complex issue or theory from an information technology area to arrive at a conclusion or decision.


Develop and create effective solutions to complex problems from an information technology management perspective.

Ethical practice

Analyse and compare challenging ethical issues within a professional context.

Apply discipline based knowledge and professional skills in situations that require autonomy and a high level of responsible behaviour.

Knowledge of a discipline

Demonstrate and apply advanced discipline knowledge and skills in specialised information technology areas.

Lifelong learning

Critically evaluate, analyse and synthesise a complex issue or theory from the information technology discipline by showing intellectual independence, personal judgement and the ability to apply self-learning strategies.

Communication and social skills

Prepare and deliver advanced discipline advice, knowledge and ideas using oral and written techniques for a business or public audience.

Demonstrate leadership,professional behaviour and ability to participate in a professional team.

Cultural competence

Demonstrate and apply advanced discipline knowledge and skills with a global perspective.

Units generally employ a variety of assessment methods to ensure your knowledge is solidified at the conclusion of the teaching period. Dependent on the unit, methods may include reports, case studies or verbal presentations, among others.

At Southern Cross University, we try to fit our course around you. Six seven-week study periods per year enable you to study part-time and still finish your degree in as little as eight months. Alternatively, adapt your enrolment to the peaks and troughs of your life by choosing which blocks to study in. It's perfect for people who travel frequently, work abroad, or need to balance work and other commitments.

We use clever, user-friendly, interactive learning software that lets you collaborate with your classmates and lecturers. Our multi-modal approach delivers content as video, audio, hands-on, practical exercises, and other media to suit all kinds of learners. Discuss and debate ideas with your peers and lecturer in dedicated forums and with other networking technology.

Each unit has its own website to keep you focused. Every week, you'll find activities, readings and case studies laid out with step-by-step instructions. As the weeks progress and your knowledge deepens, you'll be challenged by increasingly sophisticated concepts, and employ critical analysis.

Get ready for an intense but rewarding course; each seven-week unit requires approximately 20 hours of time per week. You will see the practical benefits of your further study immediately, when you begin applying your new found knowledge in whatever role you currently hold.

The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management enables students to work in a variety of ICT jobs, a field for which skilled workers are in increasing demand (Hudson Global, 2015). Completing your Graduate Diploma enables you to move into roles such as project management, business systems management, systems analysis and operations management, among many other IT leadership positions.


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