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The business world is constantly evolving, with issues such as changing technology, greater global mobility and increasing competition all factors in this process.

As a business owner or professional, you need to understand the core business principles that help you succeed and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world.

This one-year program includes study in financial analysis and budget control, marketing concepts, consumer behaviour, market systems and their limitations. It also examines the impact of government policy on the business environment.

As well as guiding you towards bigger management roles, the Graduate Diploma of Business is a pathway to further study, including Southern Cross University's Master of Business Administration program. Graduates receive eight units of credit towards the MBA.



Gold Coast1, 2, 3


Gold Coast1, 2, 3
Melbourne1, 2, 3
Perth1, 2, 3
Sydney1, 2, 3

The Graduate Diploma in Business includes study in financial analysis and budget control, marketing concepts such as relationship marketing, and consumer behaviour, and market systems and their limitations, including impacts of government policy on business environments.

Students also develop an understanding of organisational behaviour, administrative hierarchy, job design, international business, strategic and project management, communication, leadership and teamwork in the contemporary organisation. 

Course Learning Outcomes express learning achievement in terms of what a student should know, understand and be able to do on completion of a course. These outcomes are aligned with the graduate attributes.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

To be entered by school


To be entered by school

Ethical practice

To be entered by school

Knowledge of a discipline

To be entered by school

Lifelong learning

To be entered by school

Communication and social skills

To be entered by school

Cultural competence

To be entered by school

The course incorporates progressive assessment and examinations. Students are assessed on the basis of written and oral assignments reflecting authentic work tasks and contemporary topics. These assignments come in a range of formats designed to assist student learning and skills development over the duration of the course. Formats include business reports, case studies, discussion board posts, presentations, quizzes, and research plans and studies.

On-campus students experience a variety of teaching approaches including lectures, tutorials, online activities and podcast virtual classes. The method of teaching may vary from unit to unit.

Lectures may be streamed live or pre-recorded; enabling students to download a recording at their convenience.

Each week, students progress their learning by following activities, readings and case studies laid out, step-by-step, in a website for each unit. As they move through the learning outcomes, they can discuss their progress in online forums and ask questions of their peers, lecturer or tutor.

The Graduate Diploma in Business improves people’s ability to run and manage a business, or helps them move into a management role. Graduates are equipped to undertake mid-level management roles in a broad spectrum of industries.


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