Video Transcript: Sophie from Sweden

Contemporary Music at Southern Cross University

Studying music at Southern Cross has been a great choice for Swedish student Sophie. She's developed more routines as she climbs her way up to a professional level. The creativity of the Northern Rivers region has given Sophie hands-on experience at festivals in the area as well as running the weekly 'Open Mic' nights on campus.

Firstly I took an English course in the English College and after graduation I am studying at the uni.

We’re going to kick off with a song called “Drifting” and it’s written by a Swedish lady called Anna Begurlof.

I was born in a little town in the middle of Sweden. My mum always listened to Pink Floyd, had Bjork like CDs and I was a big mess when it came to music.

I was enrolled in Environmental Science and during O' week I realised there was a music program here and I was like ‘Oh my god’ I can’t not do it.

I think I’ve always know that I want to do music. It’s always been there but I think coming here and deciding to do music here has really been good for me. Getting more routines and actually starting to climb up to get up to a professional level. My favourite classes are the one-on-one's with our vocal teacher here.

Right now I am doing stage management which is making sure that everything runs smoothly and it’s on time and making sure things that are meant to be on stage are on stage. I’m also doing more things later, working at festivals. We have really good contacts with festivals around the area.

Every Wednesday I run open mic at the Unibar. If you want you can sing a song, play guitar. I am the open mic lady.

First up on stage we have my beautiful friend Dylan Peate. I go to the library a lot because they have a really good sections for both music, mixing and production and they have a whole area with just CDs that you can borrow too. It’s one of the best libraries I’ve ever been to.

What I like about Lismore is it’s a very diverse and accepting community. I’m vegan and a lot of people here really care about that and a lot of 'whole food' shops and really nice cafes and the nature is just amazing. Just here at the campus its really nice to step outside for a bit and have a short walk, see some koalas.

I’ve really had the space to grow and choose my own way and have always been supported, all the way.