Video Transcript: Giselle from Brazil

Giselle is a Brazilian student who has found that studying English at Southern Cross’ Lismore campus has been the perfect environment to study English.

One of the reasons that I chose here is because to study at a University I can focus more on my English and my skills and I really feel that here I can be different than the larger cities. I can share my house or share some moments here at university with local people with the Australian people

One of the activities I like here was the group presentation when I did a task with some classmates and we did the research about another country.

I feel that I have really improved some skills and the university here offers an amazing library. It’s a place where I really like to spend the time after class when I am really read to focus on my studies.

The Lismore campus is an amazing campus there are lot of green areas here that you can relax or choose silent places to study.

There a lot of beaches near here, one of them is Byron Bay so many activities like waterfalls.

I think I have the perfect environment here to study English


Então, pros brasileiros que estão pensando em estudar na Southern Cross University, eu realmente recomendo!

É o lugar que tem o perfeito ambiente para estudar o inglês. Você vai estudar numa universidade que tem toda a infraestrutura, tudo que a gente realmente precisa!  

E aqui no campus de Lismore é mais fácil ainda desenvolver o inglês porque é numa área regional, a gente realmente se força a estudar e a falar o inglês porque é muito nativo, muitas pessoas da região.

Então eu realmente recomendo! Eu estou tendo uma experiência maravilhosa aqui e aperfeiçoando muito o meu inglês.


So, for the Brazilians who are thinking of studying at Southern Cross University, I really recommend!

It is a place that has the perfect environment to study English. You will study at a university that has all the infrastructure, and everything that we really need!

And here at the Lismore campus it is even easier to develop English because it is in a regional area, we really force ourselves to study and speak English because it is a place with many people native to the region.

So, I really recommend it! I am having a wonderful experience here, and greatly improving my English.

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