New unit codes in 2021 for all courses

Starting in 2021, all units in all courses changed their corresponding codes.

You don’t need to do anything; it all happens behind the scenes. The changes to unit codes will apply for 2021 enrolment onwards. If you’ve completed a unit with the old code, this will appear on your Academic Transcript. Any remaining units required to complete your course will be updated with the new codes.

Why are my units of study being recoded?

We have revised our unit coding system to make it easier for you to navigate course structures and enrolment. The new codes will link your area of study with the level of study, and its place within the overall degree.

When will I see a change on my Study Plan?

When Southern Cross University opens for enrolment in 2021 teaching calendar, the new units will appear on your Study Plan in My Enrolment. In most cases the unit content hasn’t changed, but for some units you may notice title and/or content changes

Where can I find what a new unit code is?

See the Unit Recoding Cross-Reference Table 2021 for a list of all units that have their code updated.

How does this affect unit requisites

Unit pre-requisites and co-requisites will function as normal. However, at some point all requisites will be updated to new codes. If you’ve completed the old code of a unit for which its new code is listed as a requisite, the old code will work and allow you to enrol.

For example: a student wants to enrol in the new code HBIO1008 Human Physiology II. This unit has HBIO1007 Human Physiology I listed as a pre-requisite. The student wanting to enrol has completed BIO71002 Human Physiology I. If you look at the Unit Recoding Cross-Reference Table 2021, you can see that in 2021, BIO71002 is recoded to HBIO1007 so the student will be able to enrol in this case because all recoded units are considered equivalents.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions in relation to this, please contact Client Service on 1800 005 687, or