Grades — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An Incomplete or Not Available grade means your grade was not finalised prior to grades publication date. This could be because:

  1. All assessment items are submitted but the grade has not yet been finalised
  2. There are assessment item(s) yet to be submitted, e.g. you have been granted special consideration and the due date has been extended.

Contact your Unit Assessor if you have concerns and continue to check your grades in My Enrolment.

The Student Assessment and Examinations Rules regarding the process for querying final grades is available in the SCU Policy Library. It provides essential information about your responsibilities, rights and deadlines regarding final grades queries and appeals.

If you are on student sanctions, you will not be able to access your grades in My Enrolment until the sanction is removed. Invoice and payment details for all overdue fees and charges are available in My Enrolment.

To have the student sanction removed, you must pay all of your overdue fees and charges and advise the University payment has been made.

When you have paid overdue tuition fees, Student Services and Amenities Fees, or exam fees, contact Student Services. For all other charges contact Financial and Business Services.

If your sanction is regarding your Unique Student Identifier (USI) or Academic Integrity Module (AIM), you will need to action this to have your sanctions removed. 

We understand that there are a range of factors that may impact on your academic performance. We encourage you to access the support services available to you.

My Enrolment allows you to email yourself a copy of Academic Record.

An official statement of results is called an Academic Transcript. Go to Academic Transcripts and Testamurs for instructions and costs associated with requesting a copy.

All questions regarding final grades should be directed to your Unit Assessor in your School or College in the first instance.

If you are not satisfied and wish to formally query your final grade, more details on the process can be found in the Student Assessment and Examination rules.

Important dates including Grade Publication details are outlined in the Key Dates/teaching calendar website.

Once grades have been published you can check your grades or print a copy of your grades in My Enrolment by selecting the link under Grades.