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Royce Willis



Faculty of Health

(02) 6659 8003
[email protected]
M.G.46, Coffs Harbour
Royce Willis


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As a lecturer in Psychology, I am committed to advancing our understanding of human behaviour and cognition through research and effective education. My journey in academia has led me to two research foci: Environmental Psychology and Educational Psychology.


Within Environmental Psychology, my research has primarily centred around exploring the intricate interplay between pro-environmental behaviour, mental well-being, and the emerging phenomenon of eco-anxiety. I have examined the impact of individual nuances, including avoidance and critical thinking tendencies, on shaping environmentally conscious actions. I have also conducted research into the innovative domain of Environmental Psychophysiology, utilizing electroencephalography and the startle eyeblink modulation paradigm. I seek to pioneer new pathways for research and contribute to this burgeoning field.

In the domain of Educational Psychology, I have conducted research in mathematics and statistics anxiety, the optimization of blended learning environments, strategies for school improvement, and professional development of educators. My research in this field has focused on psychological constructs such as identity, well-being, a sense of belonging, and anxiety.


In the classroom, I am passionate about teaching research methods and statistics. I am dedicated equipping my students with the tools to thoughtfully comprehend and contribute to the scientific discourse in Psychology.

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