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Jo Munn

BAppSci(Phty)(Sydney), GradCertEduStud(HigherEd)(Sydney), MAppSci(Phty)(Sydney), PhD(Sydney)

Senior Lecturer

Centre for Teaching and Learning

[email protected]
M.1.30, Coffs Harbour
Dr Jo Munn

I am an academic specialising in academic practice, meaning that my ‘discipline’ is higher education. In my past academic life, I worked in health faculties with roles in physiotherapy, exercise and sports science, so much of my research work and grounding in learning and teaching is related to these areas. Given my background, I love bringing my expertise in health and education together and frequently work in the learning and teaching space with health science colleagues.

Shifting my life to Regional NSW (Gumbaynggirr Country), I have been a part of SCU for over ten years, initially taking up a learning and teaching opportunity in student academic literacy development that transitioned into an academic practice role. My mixed academic background is reflected in a diverse research profile spanning musculoskeletal health and performance, first-year academic experience, Indigenous tobacco cessation and learning and teaching in higher education.

What I love about SCU is the opportunity we provide to non-traditional students from regional areas to study locally, at a tertiary level, to pursue career avenues they may not have thought possible; this can be life-changing for students and our community.