Computing Project I: Analysis and Design
Lower Limb Medicine I Gold Coast
Managing Software Development Projects Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
Survey Design
Social Work Placement IIa
Research Ready: Doctor of Education Research Proposal & Ethics
Computing Project II: Development and Implementation China - Guangxi UST, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Perth, Sydney
Social Work Placement IIb
Mediating Across Cultures
Systemic Anatomy Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore
Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy
Doctor of Education Thesis
Lower Limb Medicine II Gold Coast
Programming Internet of Things
Sustainable Use of the Marine Environment
Motor Control
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Head and Neck Gold Coast
Information Technology Project Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Papua New Guinea - IBSU Port Moresby, Perth, Sydney
Social Work Honours Placement IIa
Programming Mobile and Cloud Systems
Scientific Diving
Foot and Ankle Surgery Gold Coast
Legal Studies
Children's Literature Online
Functional Kinesiology of the Upper Limbs and Trunk
Marine Pollution
Designing Information Systems Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
Biomechanics of Gait Gold Coast
Social Work Honours Placement IIb
Field Education I Gold Coast, Online
Storytelling Online
Advanced Fieldwork (Podiatry) Gold Coast
Business and Corporation Law (Online)
Biomechanics of Gait
Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation
Pervasive and Immersive User Experience Gold Coast
Intermediate Anatomy and Physiology Online
Social Work Honours Thesis I
Field Education II Gold Coast, Online
Introduction to Written Texts Lismore, Online
Lower Limb Assessment I Gold Coast
Business and Corporation Law for Managers (Online)
Human Pathophysiology
Coral Reefs on the Edge
Information Systems Analysis and Design SCU Online
Scientific Diving
Issues and Themes in Contemporary Writing Online
Lower Limb Assessment II Gold Coast
Social Work Honours Thesis II
Environmental Information Analysis Lismore, National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online