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Cherise Addinsall

BEnvTourismMgt, PhD(SCU)

Adjunct Fellow

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Cherise Addinsall



Dr Cherise Addinsall is an Adjunct Fellow at Southern Cross University and holds a PhD in Sustainable Livelihoods and Tourism with a focus on Agroecology and Regenerative Agritourism. She supported the Vanuatu Government to develop the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (2019-2030) and more recently supported in the development of the Food Tourism and Agritourism Initiative which won the Island Innovations Award for ‘Most transformational Government sustainability initiative’ through her role in an Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) project.

Dr Cherise Addinsall is also a certified trainer for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), a registered consultant for the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations and a member of the Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research.


Dr Addinsall’s research interests are in centering sustainable and regenerative tourism policy, planning and management on community aspirations and Indigenous knowledge systems (with a focus in the South Pacific); Host community wellbeing and strengthening linkages between tourism and rural smallholders; Supporting sustainable livelihood strategies for customary land and rural communities based on agroecology, food sovereignty, regenerative agritourism and the circular economy and enhancing the livelihoods of women and marginalised people in rural areas.

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