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Rohan Price



Faculty of Business, Law and Arts

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B6.24, Gold Coast
Rohan Price


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Dr Rohan Price is recognised as a world-leading scholar of Nietzsche and Heiddegger philosophy studies applied in history. His 2021 book on Nietzsche, Heidegger and colonialism was reviewed in 2022 in Sententiae - a European philosophy journal on phenomenology and ontology:

'Despite the extraordinary circumstances of the last three years, which led to gaps in the real communication of researchers, even a quick review of the publications of this period devoted to Heidegger's philosophy shows not only the appearance of a significant number of new specialised publications, but also the extraordinary thematic diversity of Heidegger studies (from personal examination of Heidegger's legacy and transformations of his philosophical views throughout his life to interdisciplinary studies in political philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, art, as well as historical and philosophical works, where Heidegger is considered as one of the key figures in the development of German philosophy). In particular, the most significant, in our opinion, works that emphasise the influence of this philosophy and the interest in its research include: ………………… Nietzsche, Heidegger and Colonialism: Occupying South East Asia (Price 2021).'

(bottom p 117)

Rohan is currently working on a new manuscript, Being in the Colonies. It takes an ontological approach to violence through colonial studies of Western Australia, Tasmania and Singapore. Rohan welcomes inquiries from PhD students to supervise dissertation topics including property and compensation law in the development of British South East Asian colonies, philosophy as history and comparative work on the promise and reality of the colonial legacy generally.

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