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Bill Boyd

BSc(Hons)(St.And), MEdLead(HigherEd)(MAQ), PhD(Glas), DSc(St.And)

Emeritus Professor

Office of Vice Chancellor

Teaching Associate

Faculty of Health

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Off campus, Lismore
Bill Boyd


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I am the Professor of Geography at Southern Cross University and the Deputy Chair of my University’s Human Research Ethics Committee. I am a multi- and trans-disciplinary scholar – a geographer, archaeologist, landscape scientist and educationalist, with scholarly interests in long-term environmental change, human-landscape interactions, environmental and cultural heritage management, and education.


I draw on the geosciences and humanities to inform my teaching and research. I bring a geographer’s eye to my research and teaching in environmental management, social engagement with environment, and cultural heritage. I have worked throughout Australasia and Southeast Asia for three decades.

Geoscience scholarship

As a geoscientist, I work in Quaternary geology and geoarchaeology, examining how ancient people interacted with, and modified, their environments, and how landscapes evolved over time. I use microfossil analysis, geomorphology and sedimentology to reconstruct histories of vegetation, the physical environment, sea levels and human impacts, and analyse my findings using models of system resilience.

Environmental management scholarship

As an environmental management researcher, I examine the management of environmental and cultural heritage places and landscapes, especially from perspectives of cultural, social and community construction and engagement with environment.

Education scholarship

As an educationalist, I use reflective methods to examine pedagogy, curriculum and teaching & learning practice. My research uses an action learning approach of early- and mid career mentoring (often with a focus on change-of-career or second-career academics) and educational leadership, with a focus on the scholarship of teaching & learning, trans-disciplinary team-based research, and student learning processes. I am especially interested in educational futures.


I have published widely in the scholarly literature in all my areas and I have co-authored several books, including: Heritage Landscapes: Understanding Place and Communities; Maunten Paia: Volcanoes People and Environment; Mapping the Environment; Analysing Global Environmental Issues; and Living and Working in Rural Areas: A handbook for managing land use conflict issues on the NSW North Coast. I have published over 240 refereed articles and book chapters. 

Qualifications and positions

I hold doctorates from the Universities of Glasgow and St Andrews and am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Institute of Australian Geographers. I am a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies, University of Barcelona, and the School of Education, University of Glasgow.

University service

I have worked as Southern Cross University since 1988, sit on its Council, have chaired the Human Research Ethics Committee from 2008 to 2018, and am the Student Ombud. I have held senior positions on my School, Faculty and University Academic Boards, and am a member of the University’s Reconciliation Action Plan Committee. 

Professional and community service

As my University’s Councillor at the Australian Institute for Nuclear Science & Engineering (AINSE), I chair the its Postgraduate Scholarship Committee. I am a member of the AINSE Board of Directors. I am an Associate Editor for Higher Education Research & Development, and am on the review board for Geosciences. I serve on regional cultural heritage and community associations. 

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