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Jon Hill


Executive Dean

Faculty of Science and Engineering

[email protected]
U Block, Lismore
Jon Hill

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Jon is energised by the opportunities that lie ahead at Southern Cross University encompassing both curriculum development and innovative research. A strong advocate for an inclusive student experience, Jon champions a learning culture that both prepares students for a changing world and empowers them to thrive in their future careers. This ethos is complemented by an energetic research environment that nurtures curiosity and ingenuity in students.


Jon’s diverse career has spanned research, academic leadership and professional veterinary practice in Australia and the USA. During doctoral work at Texas A&M University, Jon made significant contributions to early animal cloning by cloning the first adult bull, and exploring abnormalities of cloned pregnancies. At Cornell University Jon continued to enhance understanding of placental changes in cloned pregnancies, which led to improvements in neonatal viability and animal cloning technique refinements. His contributions continued at CSIRO, where Jon and his research teams achieved milestones in the application of testicular stem cell transplantation leading the birth of the first lambs through utilization of spermatogonial stem cell transplant technology.

At the University of Queensland, amongst other leadership contributions, Jon served as the Dean of Veterinary Science. He was subsequently recruited to Murdoch University initially as Dean of Veterinary Medicine then Executive Dean of the College of Science, Health and Engineering.

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