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Sydur Rahman


Technical Officer

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Teaching Associate

Faculty of Science and Engineering

+612 6620 3056
Lismore A2.27, Lismore


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Dr Sydur Rahman is a Lecturer and Reseacher in Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Southern Cross University. Prior to that position, he worked as a Senior Scientist (Water Resources Engineering) over 12 yrs at the Department Water Management in Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute. He received a PhD degree in Environmental Engineering from SCU. He had completed a Master of Water Resources Engineering degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering (major in Water Resources Engineering; First Class Honours).


Dr Sydur's research interests include water modelling, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, irrigation modelling, water management in agriculture, irrigation and drainage system, wastewater management, integrated water resources management, sustainable management of groundwater resources, and contaminated land assessment and management. He designed, planned and delivered several research and development projects relevant to integrated management and use of ground- and surface-water resources, groundwater characterization, sources and flow paths, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, design and evaluation of irrigation systems, domestic wastewater reuse in peri-urban agriculture, water management of integrated farming systems in inundated floodplains, water management for enhancing crop production under changing climate, crop water modelling and scheduling, and remediation of saline wastelands. These research projects contributed to improve the water use efficiency and water productivity, and the sustainable use of water at field, farm and regional level. He applied holistic approaches through the geochemical assessment as well as the use of ecological tool to investigate some of the environmental and human health risk assessment and management issues around historic contaminated land sites in Australia. The findings of projects examine the validity of many current environmental quality guidelines and may allow for future guideline assessments and adjustments.

I am currently involved in a industry funded (Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd & Australian Meat Processor Corporation) research project to develop a technique for removal of persistent organics (biocide chlorocresol) from tannery waste water/solid waste.


ENVR2010 Principles of Stormwater & Drainage Management

CIVL2016 Rainfall-Runoff Modelling

CIVL2010 Hydraulic Engineering Fundamentals

CIVL3007 Hydraulic Design and Modelling      

CIVL2017 Fluid Dynamics

ERTH4001 Hydrogeology

ENGN4005 Engineering for Resilient Catchments & Floodplains

CIVL2013 Concrete Structures Fundamentals                                           

CIVL1001 Applied Mechanics           

ENGN1002 Engineering Modelling and Experimentation I

PHYS1003 Physics    

ENG20005 Hydrology                                                        

ENG30009 Hydraulic Engineering                              &

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