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Hilton Swan


Adjunct Fellow

Faculty of Science and Engineering

[email protected]
External, Lismore
Hilton Swan


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I am an analytical chemist who has worked across a broad range of scientific topics. These have included public health engineering and wastewater treatment practices, analysis of pesticides and illicit drugs, chemical metrology, and various aspects of environmental chemistry. My main interest is Earth Systems Science, particularly in the areas of biogeochemistry and atmospheric chemistry, which I have focused on at SCU over the last decade.


Through SCU I have been involved with researching the volatile reduced sulfur compound dimethylsulfide (DMS) in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). This has included investigations of (i) sources of DMS in the GBR, (ii) environmental factors that liberate DMS from the GBR, (iii) sea-air exchange and flux of DMS from the GBR, and (iv) atmospheric chemistry of DMS for new particle production and its role in the formation of cloud condensation nuclei over the GBR.


Analytical chemistry, instrumental techniques, application of stable isotopes for environmental research.

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