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I am a PhD candidate at the National Marine Science Centre; my current research investigates the biology and ecology of the culturally and commercially harvested marine gastropod Turbo militaris. This research aims to facilitate the transition of T. militaris from data-deficient to scientifically managed. This work focuses on reproductive periodicity, including development of a non-lethal method for sampling of the reproductive organs, assessment of movement on the rocky shore, and age and growth modelling using field surveys and analysis of growth rings in the calcified opercula. Turbo militaris inhabit a narrow endemic range in Australia; I am particularly interested in how these attributes vary over spatially separate locations of differing latitudes. Following my PhD, I aspire to work in fisheries research; I am passionate about the marine ecosystem and contributing to its conservation and sustainability. I love getting out in the field and am a keen SCUBA diver with Dive Master and Scientific Diver qualifications.

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