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Kerry Riley

DipProjMgt(Swinburne), DipSocMediaMark

Administrative Officer

Centre for Teaching and Learning

[email protected]
Building A, Lismore
Ms Kerry Riley

 I have a proven track record of success in administrative coordination and project setup, with notable achievements spanning diverse industries such as education, medical, and retail. This showcases my versatile skill set, broad understanding of industry dynamics, and the ability to adapt seamlessly to different contexts. By navigating the unique challenges within each sector, I have consistently demonstrated effective project management and an aptitude for tailoring administrative processes to meet the specific needs of each industry, ultimately contributing to successful project outcomes.

With a substantial tenure at the Teaching and Learning Centre, I have been a consistent stabilising force throughout multiple transformations in the University's teaching and learning configurations. My extensive experience and acquired knowledge during these periods of change have not only facilitated the effective continuation of services but have also optimized outputs for our clients. I take pride in being a guardian of stability while simultaneously championing positive change. My unique strength lies in translating challenges into actionable solutions, ensuring a seamless and constructive evolution in the teaching and learning landscape.